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Harvest Missionary Baptist Church is located at 192 Curtis Crossroads, Hendersonville, Sumner County, Tennessee.  The church was organized January 5th, 1980.  The church met in a house on the property for fifteen years.  In 1995, a new church building was constructed on the same property.


Pastors:  Elder Landon C. Long, January 1980 – May 1982;  Elder Raymond Swallows, June 1982 – November 1993;  Elder Steve Perrigo, mid-year 1994 – mid-year 1996;  Elder Ottis Jones, October 1996 – November 1999;  Elder Don Curtis, November 1999 – September 2003;  Elder Marcus Spicer, September 2003 to November 2006; Elder Michael Reid, November 2006 to January 2010; Elder David Andrews, February 2010 to October 2012; Elder Barry Armour, June 2013 - 2018; Elder Josh Parrish, 2018 - Present

Clerks:  Brother William H. Woodall served as clerk from its organization until mid–year 1999.  Sister Angelene Woodard served as clerk from mid–year 1999 – February 2004.  Brother Thomas Buford served as clerk from February 2004 to March 2008.  Brother Michael House served as clerk from March 2008 through  March 2010.  Brother Tony Johnson served as clerk from March 2010 through August 2017. Elder Ottis Jones has since September 2017. 


Ordinations:  Elder Dallas DeRossett was ordained to the full work of the ministry at the same time Brother William H. Woodall was ordained as a deacon, November 27, 1981.  Elder Marcus Spicer was ordained to the full work of the ministry, January 25th, 2003.  Brother Bryan Siltman was ordained to the office of deacon, February 7th 2006.


Associations:  Harvest represented in the Wiseman Missionary Baptist Association for several years before entering the Siloam Missionary Baptist Association in 2000 and has represented every year since that time.  The church hosted the annual meeting of the Siloam Association in October 2001.


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